Morale is low and balance is difficult.

How are you supposed to lead your team when everyone is Zoomed out and running on empty? 

Balancing work and life is harder at the moment for your clients and co-workers. 

How we can help

Our unique packages bring people together; fostering better productivity, teamwork, and improved communication. All while reducing stress and work fatigue. Awesome for team members and clients alike.

Oh, and we can help with those kids too. 🙂

Services for You

Balloons, Magic, & Bubbles make people happy; it’s a fact.

Services for You

Balloons, magic, & bubbles make people happy; it’s a fact.

What People Say

We love performing at libraries, schools, fairs & festivals, birthdays, corporate events, parties, shopping plazas, event venues, and more. 

“We had an amazing experience on Halloween night with Wayne and Kali!
They were super engaged with the kids and we’re also explaining what they were twisting as they went along. They are teachers at heart ❤️. They even created a witch for a little girl (which wasn’t necessarily something they had created before). I would hire them again and highly recommend them to anyone who asks.”

Bob B.

Owner, G.Willikers! Toy Shop

Let us help your clients and co-workers take a break.

Questions? Email [email protected] or reach Wayne at (603) 828-7873.

Educators - Kids Programming Dash Robot
Families - Entertaining a group
Events - Balloon Puppet