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Students in our Discover Magic online courses learn the secrets of magic and 8 Traits of Becoming a True Magician. More importantly, they learn how to feel more confident, enthusiastic, creative, and empowered through each lesson. It’s so important to share the gift of magic with others and we also reinforce those critical skills that go beyond the world of magic.

Every specially tailored lesson is packed with FUN. There are high-quality magic props, top-secret file folders, surprises, and secret words that unlock bonus videos in the online vault.

All this is mailed to your home and then magicians in training meet online via Zoom for 8 interactive sessions. In-person camps will be back as soon as it’s safe to do so. Watch as your child grows and develops. Their communication skills will improve, they will learn how to interact with others, new friends will be made, and most importantly have they will have FUN.

Wayne teaching magic students at the Portsmouth Public Library

Our next online class will be accepting registration soon.

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“Professional, fun, organized. A class act! For sure, this class was looked forward to every Tuesday and Thursday and my child is still loving the tricks and pulling them out for friends and family. I would definitely use Sages Entertainment again for class or party! Thank you so much Wayne & Kali!”

Kate C., Parent

Girl on floor with Discover Magic course materials.
Kali & Wayne Moulton

About Kali & Wayne

What do you get when two enthusiastic performers with a passion for teaching magic come together?

You get Wayne and Kali, the dynamic duo who are bringing their combined 34 years of experience working with youth (and adults) to everything they do.

Living on the New Hampshire Seacoast with their little family they love to bring joy and dazzle your guests.

Whether they are performing magic, creating balloon sculptures, blowing bubbles, teaching magic lessons, or providing STEAM enrichment they captivate people of all ages!

Boy looking over a fan of playing cards.
curr 8 traits frame

Attention Educators!

Want something unique that kids will love?

Our award-winning magic and life-skills course is a perfect addition to your in-school and afterschool programming. We also offer fully staffed solutions for summer camps, libraries, rec centers, and any space where children gather to learn and grow. 

With a focus on STEAM, we bring fun and engagement to both online and in-person (when available) classes. 

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Questions? Email [email protected] or reach Wayne at (603) 828-7873.