Virtual Offerings

How do you keep the attention of Zoomed out children and adults? Hire entertainers, of course! We not only have over 30 years of combined experience in education and facilitation, but we’ve developed new methods that foster energy and engagement for all ages through the screen.

Virtual Shows

Everyone Gets a Front Row Seat

Bring fun into your next virtual event! With magic happening on both sides of the screen, your attendees will have a virtual experience to remember. Perfect for birthdays, school assemblies, corporate meetings, and more.

A little girl watching an online magic show via zoom.

Magic Lessons

Extraordinary fun that makes
great kids appear! 

Every specially tailored lesson is packed with FUN. There are high-quality magic props, top-secret file folders, surprises, and secret words that unlock bonus videos in the online vault.

Girl Scout Programs

Empowering magic for all ages

We are proud to present a curated selection of virtual magic lessons and performances. Each program is designed with purposeful fun and allows magic to happen on both sides of the screen. There are no bad seats; everyone has a good view and a chance to challenge themselves to learn a new skill and be a part of the magic.

Girls having fun playing with playing cards.

Zoomed out?

Make your event stand out.

Questions? Email [email protected] or reach Wayne at (603) 828-7873.

Families - Entertaining a group